Gearo 1 Motor Controller

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Product Description

Introducing the Sigenics Gearo 1 Motor Controller. The Gearo 1 is designed to drive small 3-phase brushless DC motors up to 18V and 2A. Unlike other brushless motor controllers, the Gearo 1 weighs less than 2g and has an on-board microcontroller for local closed-loop motor control as well as handling i2c communication to accept high-level commands from a host. The Gearo 1 comes factory-programmed for PID closed-loop position control.

Key Product Features:

  • Small board size (14.99 x 23.11 x 1.6 mm)
  • Total mass is less than 2g
  • On-board microcontroller provides closed-loop control
  • i2c boot-loader allows user program changes
  • Operates using shared i2c bus with up to 255 devices
  • 3-phase H-bridge drive output
  • 3 Hall sensor position inputs
  • Motor drive up to 18V
  • Motor drive up to 2A
  • Factory default firmware includes PID servo position control

Specification Features:

Dimensions14.99 x 23.11 x 1.6 mm
DC supply voltage 12V nominal (7V minimum, 20V maximum)
Max Output Current1A
Operating Temperature Range15oC – 45oC

Documentation, Software, & Support:

User Manual & Datasheet - Gearo 1 User Manual

Support - Please contact us at if you experience any technical issues.

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