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    We are proud to introduce the MET16 Multi-Electrode Analyzer. The new MET16 is designed to provide easy and automatic diagnosis of common electrode array system defects.

    Our 16-channel automatic electrode tester is intended for implanted cortical microelectrodes for a variety of applications.

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Key Product Features

  • 16 channels for assessing micro-electrode characteristics in vitro & in vivo
  • Cyclic Voltammetry (CV), Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) and Current Pulse measurement modalities
  • Results presented in calibrated SI units
  • Monitors electrodes
  • Runs and archives daily electrode scans to quantify electrode stability and predict electrode failure
  • Optionally shares electrode data with other users on a secure website
  • Electrically isolated for animal safety

Software Description

  • Analytic package for measuring electrode characteristics in SI units
  • Diagnostic Package (coming soon) provides diagnosis of common electrode problems based on analytic data
  • Browser-based friendly user interface to set up scan parameters and view collected data
  • Browser-based interface allows remote control of the MET16 from cell phone or through a VPN
  • Raw data stored in SI units as .csv files
  • Optional archiving acquired data to the web

Product Specification

Dimensions 3.1 x 7.1 x 10.3 inches
Weight 5.0 lbs
Measurement Range ±10uA, 4.8pA resolution to ±500uA, 244nA resolution 0.2% FS accuracy
Type Specifications Values Additional Notes
Voltage scan rate

Voltage Sweep Range

Minimum voltage Step

Minimum time Step

Maximum time Step

Current and voltage accuracy

Timing accuracy
1.45uV/s to 12.2V/S





0.5% maximum at any gain setting with dV/dT<300V/S

Fully programmable

Note - A larger dV/dT is possible by using voltage steps greater than 122uV, and maximum dV/dT is limited by CV filter corner.
Frequency Range



CV & EIS Filtering
Excitation Filter

Sampling Filter

12kHz, 2kHz, 19.5Hz
Stimulation current range

Current amplitude resolution

Current accuracy

Compliance limits

Compliance limit resolution

Pulse width time resolution

Timing accuracy
±300uA, ±3mA, ±6mA

3nA, 30nA, 60nA




4uS on a single pulse or 0.5uS on 8 pulses using interleaved sampling

Output Voltage
Electrode output voltage +/- 4V w.r.t. Reference terminal or +/- 5V w.r.t. the Ground terminal Programmable compliance limits from +/- 0V to +/- 4V in 61uV steps

To learn more about the MET16 specifications, please see the MET-16 manual here.

Click here for an interactive software demo.

Glenn DeMichele
Phone: (312) 448-8000 ext.222

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