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Sigenics Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which both designs and supplies tested integrated circuits for sensor, analog and mixed-signal applications. Our team of IC designers works closely with your engineering team throughout the specification, design, simulation, layout and test phases of your project to insure your finished device will meet your requirements. We then supply your custom device in volume only to you. We also have extensive experience cloning obsolete parts and fabricating them on modern processes. We are headquartered in Chicago IL with an additional design center in Irwindale CA.


Sigenics News

  • Sigenics technology used in cluster headache implant
    August 2014 Doctors at Ohio State University have implanted a neurostimulator containing a Sigenics-designed chip. The chip handles command and control functions, power conversion and neural stimulation, stimulating the sphenopalatine ganglion nerve bundle ...
  • D2P Magazine interviews Douglas Kerns
    December 2012: Design 2 Part Magazine interviewed Sigenics co-founder Douglas Kerns and published an article about Sigenics and custom circuits.  Read the article here: "Is a Custom Circuit Right for You?"
  • Sigenics tapes out Rad-hard design on Honeywell SOI4
    July 2014: Sigenic taped out a radiation hardened avionics product on Honeywell's SOI4 process. There were 8 die plus test structures in the reticle, including a proprietary OTP cell.
  • Sigenics expands in California
    January 2014: Sigenics is proud to announce the opening of our new Irwindale CA location.  This additional manufacturing and engineering space serves to augment Sigenics hi-rel manufacturing capabilities.
  • Research fab run released
    September 2013: Sigenics has released a research fabrication run to the foundry.  This run contains: 1). two types of wireless 16 channel ECoG array eplilepsy diagnostic chips.  These chips will be ...