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Letter from Sigenics' President & CEO, Philip Troyk

In these tumultuous times, we are all finding new ways to adapt to a disrupted way of life while pursuing new device and systems designs. To help our community, Sigenics is offering our engineering services for development of new product ideas at no cost.


Staying at home has not stopped us from working and thinking of new ideas, and in some cases the changes in working conditions have enhanced our imagination about exciting new projects and products – some of which may help us to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

To contribute to the engineering community, Sigenics is happy to provide up to 10 hours of free engineering consultation services to anyone who comes to us with a new idea for custom electronic devices.

While we are all working at home, let’s join together and use our collective creativity so that when the crisis ends, we can launch our new products and designs to new heights of success

Sigenics is ready to help you do that, now.  Just come to us with your idea or product needs.

You can contact our marketing team at

Keep your ideas blossoming, and Sigenics will be your partner to turn those ideas into engineering reality.

Wishing you the best,

Philip Troyk, Ph.D.

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