Sigenics biomedical expertise is in neural signal acquisition and neural stimulators.  We also have extensive experience in electrode chemistry and magnetic telemetry systems.  Many of our devices are passive and wireless, using a magnetic field to both power and control the implanted device. 

Projects include:

The Implantable MyoElectric sensor, or “IMES”.  This devices enables prosthesis control using EMG (muscle)signals. A Sigenics implanted device sends signals from the muscles to an outside controller which controls motors in a prosthetic limb.

A board-level controller with DSP designed to drive motors in a prosthetic limb.

A visual prosthesis.  Video from an external camera is processed to produce a series of stimulation commands.  These commands are sent wirelessly to an implanted device which stimulates electrodes inserted into the visual cortex (brain) to create the perception of spots of light, which are perceived by the user as an image.

A retinal stimulator.

An implantable nerve stimulator for cluster headache treatment.

A board-level electrocautery device which contains our ASICs.

EKG (electrocardiogram) signal processing front end ASIC.

DNA microarray chip.  Allows end customer to build up to 100,000 different desired DNA sequences on a piece of silicon “litmus paper”.

Sigenics News

  • Sigenics expands in California
    January 2014: Sigenics is proud to announce the opening of our new Irwindale CA location.  This additional manufacturing and engineering space serves to augment Sigenics hi-rel manufacturing capabilities.
  • Research fab run released
    September 2013 - Sigenics has released a research fabrication run to the foundry.  This run contains: 1). two types of wireless 16 channel ECoG array eplilepsy diagnostic chips.  These chips will ...