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Community Involvement

Sigenics is involved in mentoring interns and summer students from our historic Bronzeville neighborhood.  Our executives have given presentations to the local Rotary Club.  On the campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology, Sigenics engineers act as technical advisers to IIT students in the Inter Professional Projects Program (IPRO). Sigenics engineers work with IIT students to help the students define the electrical engineering portions of their projects and find practical approaches to accomplish their engineering tasks.

Below: Tarun (standing) and Kevin (seated) demonstrate how a Sigenics EMG sensor is used to control a robotic hand (mounted on stand) using muscle signals detected in Kevin’s right arm. The demonstration was made for high-school students at the Boeing Scholarship Academy event held on the campus of The Illinois Institute of Technology.

Demonstration of Sigenics EMG sensor controlling a robotic hand